AB = bachelor | AM = magister | AP = doctoral
Ex = examination | C = credit | MC = graded credit
HW = hours per week

Code Title semester Duration and Examination
AB413001 Mathematics A both 3/4, C+Ex [HW]
AB413002 Mathematics B summer 3/3, C+Ex [HW]
AB413003 Applied Statistics summer 1/2, C+Ex [HW]
AB413004 Numerical Methods both 2/2, C+Ex [HW]
AB413005 Computer Algebra System Maple summer 0/2, MC [HW]
AB413009 Introduction to Mathematical Optimization winter 2/2, C+Ex [HW]
AB444007 Measuring and Control Engineering both 2/1, Ex [HW]
AB445001 Computer Practice both 0/3, MC [HW]
AB445002 Mathematical Methods in Engineering winter 2/2, C+Ex [HW]
AB445007 Signal Processing both 3/2, C+Ex [HW]
AB445022 Advanced functional materials and technologies in cybernetics winter 3/1, Ex [HW]
AM413001 Fourier Transform winter 2/2, C+Ex [HW]
AM413004 Multivariate data analysis summer 2/2, C+Ex [HW]
AM413007 Mathematics for chemical engineers winter 2/2, C+Ex [HW]
AM413010 Numerical algorithms winter 2/2, C+Ex [HW]
AM444006 Measuring Technique both 2/3, Ex [HW]
AM445002 Digital Signal and Image Processing winter 2/2, C+Ex [HW]
AM445003 Control Theory winter 2/2, C+Ex [HW]
AM445004 Neural Networks summer 2/2, C+Ex [HW]
AP413001 Graph Theory and Applications both 3/0, other [HW]
AP413002 Numerical Linear Algebra both 3/0, other [HW]
AP413003 Numerical Methods for Engineering both 3/0, other [HW]
AP413004 Deterministic and stochastic discrete systems both 3/0, other [HW]
AP413005 Numerical methods of Analysis of Non-linear Dynamical Models both 3/0, other [HW]
AP413006 Non-linear Optimalization both 3/0, other [HW]
AP413007 Dynamical Systems both 3/0, other [HW]
AP413008 Fourier Transform both 3/0, other [HW]
AP413009 Advanced Methods of Applied Mathematics both 3/0, other [HW]
AP444009 Advanced Measurement Methods in Experimental Physics and Chemistry both 3/0, other [HW]
AP445001 Numerical Analysis and Computer Graphics both 3/0, other [HW]
AP445002 Image Processing both 3/0, other [HW]
AP445003 Analysis of Multidimensional Biomedical Signals both 3/0, other [HW]
AP445004 Computational Intelligence both 3/0, other [HW]
AP445005 Modelling of Technological Processes both 3/0, other [HW]
AP445006 Design of Control Systems both 3/0, other [HW]
AP445007 Engineering Optimalization both 3/0, other [HW]
AP445008 Digital Signal and Image Processing both 3/0, other [HW]
AP445009 Robotic systems both 3/0, other [HW]
AP445010 Advanced Control Engineering both 3/0, other [HW]
AP445011 Modelling Mathematical Processes for PhD Students both 3/0, other [HW]
AP445012 Experimental Identification both 3/0, other [HW]
AP445013 Advanced Methods of Signal Processing for PhD Students summer 3/0, other [HW]