Digital signal and image processing

The Digital Signal and Image Processing research group is dedicated to the interdisciplinary discipline of digital signal and image processing using modern methods of computer intelligence and remote data processing. Areas of expertise include mathematical modelling of signals, time series prediction and the use of functional transforms for the analysis of multidimensional and multichannel data. In application areas, the main focus is on biomedical signal and image processing, including three-dimensional modelling, early diagnosis and implementation of camera systems. Research areas of interest include analysis of physiological data, statistical methods for environmental signal processing, analysis of microscopic images including nanostructures, and prediction of energy consumption time series. The application of multivariate digital signal processing methods to the design and use of robotic systems is also of interest.

Research areas

  • Signal modelling
  • Signal and image analysis
  • Signal prediction
  • Applications

Aleš Procházka
  • 15.03.23


Contact list

Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Cybernetics
Technická 5
166 28 Prague 6–Dejvice
Czech Republic



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