Discrete mathematics

The research group is primarily concerned with open problems in combinatorics, discrete mathematics and graph theory. In the last decades, graph theory has found many applications in various areas of human activity, from the design of network structures (electricity, water, social) to the allocation of mobile or broadcast frequencies to various kinds of optimization (in transportation, search, etc.). The group is mainly concerned with the study of a special class of graphs derived from partially ordered sets, the so-called cover-incomparability graphs, their properties and the complexity of their recognition. Another area of current interest is the study of equivalences on graphs defined by various graph operations, such as Seidel's switching.

Areas of research

  • Graph theory
  • Chemical graph theory
  • Computational complexity
  • Reflection groups and their applications

Daniel Turzík
  • 15.03.23


Contact list

Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Cybernetics
Technická 5
166 28 Prague 6–Dejvice
Czech Republic



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